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19 Mar

Yes, we have changed our cover

Plague of Vampires

Plague of Vampires

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Another new review: Posted on Goodreads written by Nick.

09 Mar

As a disclaimer, I have known both authors for a number of years, and had heard about this book before it came out. I did not receive a free copy, or any consideration for posting this review, however.

POV cross logoFor a first novel, this one was a real treat. The first thing which caught my interest was that they found a new approach to the concept of vampirism. In this novel, a “mad scientist” medical researcher figured out a new breakthrough which, for a variety of reasons, got released before testing was complete. What he created was a disease that successfully fights most other diseases, including AIDS and most forms cancer. The downside of the new disease is that it gives its victim a form of anemia, requiring regular whole-blood transfusions in order to survive. It makes the victim healthier overall, even a little stronger and a little faster than before. They don’t drink blood, just take lots of transfusions, but are they still human?

The down side of the “cure” is that the disease is unstable, and may mutate into something worse. In fact, there is a small chance that it will kill you before it cures you.

This book, and presumably its planned sequel, deal with the results of this in our society. Everything from religious cults to newscasters, the CDC, the FBI, the courts, all respond to the causes and effects of this medical situation, and not always in a good way.

There are no elements of fantasy in the novel, and only the medical technology is more advanced than current day, so I would call it near-future medical SF.

The writing has the advantage of not being overly wordy. The story is told at a brisk pace, which has the minor disadvantage that it’s easy to miss character descriptions if you’re not reading carefully. Everything is there, but it’s not repeated for the convenience of lazy reading. On the other hand, most of the characters are interesting, which helps move the story along.

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E-mail review of the book.

20 Nov

Liz just got a great e-mail and I had to share it.

Okay, I started “the” book a couple of days ago and could not put it down…so I’m now a bit sleep deprived! I went to amazon to write a review but because I’ve never purchased anything it won’t let me. Someone there started their review with >>>”If you love NCIS…” and they were right – I love NCIS and loved the book – which, considering I’ve never read any of the other vampire books and not seen any vampire movies (Cause they hold no appeal) says a lot. SO hoping this gets noticed and made into a movie. I could actually visualize it all – very cool and very awesome!

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